Health Connect Clinic

Citrus Health Network is a comprehensive, quality-driven health initiative spearheaded by The Children’s Trust, with the ultimate goal of having the healthiest children possible in Miami-Dade County though a system of care designed to promote wellness amongst children.

Created to promote healthier living and unify the fragmented health services in our community, the goal of Citrus Health Network is to improve access and use of quality health services; improve health awareness and behaviors through education; facilitate community, environmental and lifestyle changes and, finally, to improve infant, child and adolescent health and development.

At Ludlam Elementary School, a health team comprised of a Registered Nurse, a Registered Medical Assistant, and a school Social Worker provide services to meet students’ immediate health needs and help connect them with a pediatrician or primary care physician for ongoing medical care. Ludlam Elementary School’s Health Connect Clinic is affiliated with the Citrus Health Network. This full-service clinic provides
pediatric, family medical, dental and pharmaceutical services to children who do not have medical insurance.

Additional benefits of the Health Connect Clinic include;

  • a coordinated level of school-based healthcare,
  • expanded health screenings and assessments with access to follow-up care,
  • emergency first aid services,
  • chronic disease management,
  • mental and behavioral services to identify and solve students’ health and
  • educational issues,
  • nutrition and health counseling and
  • better access to a regular primary care physician.

For more information regarding the Health Connect Clinic at Ludlam Elementary School, please call 305-661-1481.


The administering/dispensing of medicines to students by employees of the school system is forbidden unless authorized by a licensed physician and the parent of the student. Self administration of medication by the student is also forbidden in most cases. Please do not send aspirin, cough medicine, pills, etc. for your child to take on his/her own.

Physical/medical conditions that require daily and periodic medication must be administered according to procedures stated on the Authorization for Medication form that will be sent home upon request. A new form must be completed every year. All medications must be sent to the school in the original container accompanied by the Authorization for Medication form authorized by a licensed physician.